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7 / of Topp Dogg

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toppdogg + white for oegye

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♡ Yano’s birthday countdown: D-1 ♡ Yano being cute/dorky himself..


bjoo playing with a doggy

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taxi on the phone teaser #2


Yano being a cutie ft. Dog



♔ Get to know: ToppDogg ♔ » Listen.

a toppdogg mix which includes a lot of solo songs (mostly from the showcase), some cover’s, songs from mixtapes and other (underrated) songs which should help you tell the member’s voices apart if you’re new to toppdogg.

1. When I Was Your Man // 2. Foolish Heart // 3. After You Fall Asleep // 4. Hurricane // 5. Girl Like You // 6. Out Of My Mind // 7. To Me // 8. Y U Mad // 9. Bang // 10. Peekaboo // 11. Eyes Nose Lips // 12. Maps // 13. Play Ground // 14. Eschatologist 


gohn in covers

140927 // Happy Birthday 서상원!

As a maknae, it must be hard getting ordered around, right? ㅋ On this day, celebrating your 19 years in this world, I hope only good memories were made and that there’s more to come of that (especially with your silly hyungs). To you who have worked so hard, and even confessed to us publicly(!), I sincerely congratulate you on this day. I am so thankful to be your fan and having the ability to listen to great music thanks to you. Whenever you’re feeling down, please don’t worry, because I - among others - will definitely have your back.

생일 축하합니다 야노 오빠~!!! 

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